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8 years

Tuesday Talk happened to fall on our 8 year anniversary, so you guys get to read a little insight into how we met and all the fun along the way! Be sure to link up with Erika and Ashley.

8 years seems long by Hollywood standards, but for me it’s 8 years of finding and hanging out with my forever partner in crime.

We met on match.com, while I was living in North Carolina and he was in Texas. I flew in for a teaching conference in Austin, and he drove up from San Antonio. He pulled up in his HUGE tonka truck, and walked in with a dozen red roses. Now, I am a sucker for The Bachelor, and his opening liner was “will you accept these roses?” Lol as corny as it was, I knew from that moment, he was it & I was in trouble 😉

We had our first date at The Oasis overlooking Lake Travis, where we talked non stop over Lonestar Beer. Now, if you don’t know Lonestar, get you some when you come to Texas. Make sure you look under the bottle cap because there are pictures for you to figure out the message.

We ended the night talking till 3 AM, and when can I see you next? My meeting was over the next day, so I said how about tomorrow afternoon!?! He agreed with a happy Yes!!

We spent the summer together.

Then I brought him down to my parents house for an outdoor concert. He met my dad for the first time in August & simultaneously asked if he could marry his daughter. My dad said yes, but he would have to ask me 😂

We got engaged September 20th at “our” restaurant in Austin. Now, my husband is super clever, and took a Lonestar bottle, cut an image of a guy proposing and put it underneath it. He managed to swap the bottle cap & get me to look to figure out the puzzle. (Genius, right!?!)

My poor husband kept waiting until there wasn’t a lot of random people around to get down on one knee. Well…there were people on the balcony and they were watching the WHOLE time! I said yes, and the people above bursted out a lot of booting and hollering!

We set the date for March 20th in San Antonio and then left the day after for the Sandal’s resort – Jamaica. It’s all inclusive and if the beach thing is your kind of style, then I highly recommend Sandals.

Within the first year of our marriage, we became pregnant with our first, and moved to Kansas. Along the way, we have had two more beautiful kiddos and have done lots of traveling and have fun together.

I will say, marriage is work and when you commit to one another you work on everything together, but always remember to have fun in everything.


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