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Gruene, Texas 

Hi y’all!

People always ask where they can take a short trip when they are in Texas.  Almost always, people suggest San Antonio to visit.  But, unless your from there- it can be overwhelming with the big city, traffic, and craziness of it all. But, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret- go to San Antonio, check out The Riverwalk to check the bucket list, but then head North on 35 to Gruene, Texas.

This sleepy little town has quickly grown on the map of places to visit with its easy walk around town vibe.  We almost always skip going to the Riverwalk, and come here to enjoy this quaint little town.

Even though this town is small, there are a ton of things to do.  I have listed our MUST DO when we come for a visit to Gruene, TX.

  1. Visit the Gruene Hall, which is THE Oldest Dance Hall in Texas. It has been operating since 1878, and famous artists have all come to play here, like George Strait to Aaron Watson. Artist still play here and they have free dance lessons on occasion, so be sure to check their calendar.
  2. Our FAVORITE place to eat when we are here is The Gristmill.  In 1922, the Gruene Cotton Gin, unfortunately burned to the ground, and all that was left was the three story brick boiler room.  In 1977, the area was converted to the Gristmill Restaurant. They serve everything from hamburgers to tomatillo chicken, but the best item, we always order is the Beef Tenderloin sandwich.  You can’t go wrong!
  3. Stop in at The Grapevine tasting room for a glass of wine or a craft beer.  You can sit underneath the shady trees at their intimate tables, while enjoying live music and each others company.
  4. A favorite for little ones is always a stop in at the Gruene General Store.  They serve hand dipped Blue Bell Ice-cream along with speciality jams, fudge, and fun toys.  Our kids have fond memories sitting on the chairs and ordering their favorite ice cream, while shopping for their special treasure.
  5. Don’t forget to Float the River too! Floating the river is a lot of fun with friends and older children.  Rockin’ R River Rides and Gruene River Company are two businesses that can arrange your float trip.

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