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What’s Up Wednesday

Hi Friends,

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Mix & Match Mama, The Larson Lingo, and Sheaffer Told Me To to answer these questions about what I have been up to lately.

What We’re Eating This Week….

This yummy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.  We had snow and ice last week and this was perfect for a cold night.  You can find the recipe HERE.

What I’m Reminiscing About….

We went to the Hill County this past weekend for my Granny’s funeral.  Although it was sad having to say goodbye, it was great to see family that we hadn’t seen in so long.

What I’m Loving…

What We’ve Been Up To…

The kids were out of school last week due to snow/ice, so we were enjoying our down time before a busy weekend with the funeral.

What I’m Dreading….

Spring allergies! I’m hoping this season won’t be bad, but I’m always prepared with allergy medicine for the family and eye drops.  Mine are already starting to feel dry and itchy!

What I’m Working On…

Laundry and cleaning house! After coming back from our quick trip, there always seems to be a ton of laundry and house cleaning to do.

What I’m Excited About…

Spring Break is coming up and although we don’t have concrete plans due to my hubby’s work schedule….I know my kids are excited to have some time off from school.

What I’m Watching…

We have been watching Longmire nonstop!! We pretty much have put all of our other shows on pause, so we can keep watching.  The show is SO SO Good and I highly recommend watching it!

What I’m Listening To…

I usually have Pandora on in the car, but I wanted to expand to listening to a few podcast.  My children are like sponges and soak up everything, so we have been listening to how to speak Italian.  They are starting to get the hang of it.

What I’m Wearing…

Lately, I have been in jeans and a button up with Hunter Boots or Sperry Duck Boots.  You can shop this look HERE.


What I’m Doing This Weekend…

We have a special dinner to attend Friday night, then a spring carnival that I’m volunteering at, and my oldest son’s first soccer game of the spring season.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month…


What Else Is New….

Not much! I finished three books on my trip to Vegas, so I am on the look out for another book to read.

BONUS QUESTION: What Is Your Family’s Favorite Spring Break Destination?

My kid’s would easily say anything with their cousins! They love spending time with their cousins and count down until they can see them next!



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