Snow Day

Hi Friends!

We have a snow/ice day today, so I thought I would share how we are keeping busy.

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Snow Day

  1. Lots of playing outside for a few minutes, coming in, and repeat!
  2. Hot chocolate!!!!
  3. Making cookies, I had some leftover Valentine’s Day cookies that I made for a snack.
  4. Movies. We have the Amazon Firestick/Netflix and I love how we can always find something new for them to watch. Right now, we are watching Dino Dan from Amazon.
  5. I save a few presents from Christmas, to bring out on days like this. It definitely keeps them occupied for a little bit and has them appreciate their toys a little more.
  6. Building tents and playing games. We have the Despicable Me Kerplunk game and it’s perfect for all ages!
  7. We have a fire place, so we will be making S’Mores later. *Tip- instead of chocolate replace with a Reese’s cup!
  8. Read! Our oldest is reading now, and it is a game changer. I have him read to his siblings, while I read my book. #winning
  9. Remember how you always Pin things on Pinterest? Take a look on there and create that craft with your kids.
  10. Since you can’t leave, look through pantry and see what you can come up with for dinner. I’m putting together a sweet potato corn chili! #yum


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