Tuesday Talk

Hi Friends,

Once a month, Erika and Ashley host a link up party to talk about anything on Tuesday.  This month, I want to talk about cars! I am on the lookout for a newer car and would love some input from all of you on what to check out

Some people love looking and buying cars, and other people are like this….

My hubby loves looking for cars, but can it stand negotiating. However, I don’t like looking for cars, but love negotiating and buying vehicles, so it’s a great partnership (HA!)

I saw this meme and laughed out loud! Any one!?! Anyone!?! 😂

I have previously owned a Mazda CX-9 (Loved!), Honda Odyssey (Liked!), and a Honda Pilot (Meh!).  We have three kids, so I go back and forth between if I actually NEED a third row or not.

My Pilot has a third row, but we never use it unless we have family in town, which is rare.  Otherwise, the kids sit all together in the middle row.

I have been looking at a Jeep Grand Cherokee and would love opinions about any other vehicles.

Let me know!!!!


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