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Home Command

Hi Friends,

Ever feel like you get home and between mail, school work, bills, and schedules it is a mess!! You need one spot that has everything organized.  Thank you Pinterest because I found a few ideas and from there created our Home Command Section.

First Things, First

Central Location – First thing to figure out is a central location to put it.  Ours is located when you come in from the garage and where our built in desk is located.  This place is perfect for us, because we use our garage door more so than our front door.

Necessities – Once we decided on a central location, we decided on what was necessary.  For us, a calendar, bill slots, and key rings.  The calendar is crucial because if my hubby comes home late, he can take a peek and know what the kids and I have going on the following day.

Where to Buy – I purchased all of our organization items from Pottery Barn, and their build your own daily system components.  However, check Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Target for your organization needs.

Letter Bin // Office Organizer  // Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar


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