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Food Challenge

Hi Friends!

Between the holidays and always getting too much food at the grocery store, our pantry and freezer needed to be cleaned out.  When this happens, I love to challenge myself, and see what meals I can come up with, without going to the grocery store!

Plan of Attack 

The first thing I do is throw away anything that is expired.  After that, I go through EVERYTHING, and see what meals I can come up with.  I take all those meals and plan them out for each night with space for a night of leftovers.  The challenge is NOT going to the grocery store, except for the essentials, like Milk.


Here are some of the meals, that I have made from our leftover food. I ended up making about two weeks worth of meals.  

Meal One – We had half a bag of frozen cheese ravioli and I had half a jar of Alfredo sauce left over from a previous meal.

Meal Two – Half bag of Frozen assorted bell peppers, 4 eggs and a pound of deer pork sausage.

Meal Three – Half Bag of Frozen meatballs, a jar of red pepper jelly, and a jar of chili sauce in the crockpot along with a bag of rice to cook.

Meal Four – Spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce, and a pound of deer hamburger meat.

Meal Five – 2 Frozen chicken breast, asian marinade in the crockpot along with frozen broccoli.

Meal Six – Macaroni and Cheese, chicken nuggets, and yogurt (haha all the kid favorites!)

Meal Seven – Frozen Cheese Pizza

Meal Eight – Pork Loin, broccoli, and frozen dinner rolls.

I challenge you to do the same thing and see what you can come up with too! 


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