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Creating the Perfect Date Night In

Hi Friends,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and sometimes trying to have a date night when EVERYONE else is having the same date night, is just impossible, and expensive.  Especially, if you are trying to find child care, just like every one else.  Instead of taking part in the same going out tradition, have a Valentine’s Date In.  Here are some date night in ideas that will be perfect for your Valentine’s Day or any day!


Ambience is everything when making a date night in fun.  Think lit candles, low lights, and easy going music like jazz or soft hits.  If you are on a budget, hit up your dollar tree and buy simple white candles.  Use your phone, and put the pandora station on for the right music.


Just because you are at home does NOT mean you can throw on your PJs, and leave the make up off.  Dress to the 9’s including those heels just like you would be going out.


Typically, I do most of the cooking in our house, but something that is always fun is when we cook together.  Try something different, because even if it turns out terrible, you have made a funny memory of trying to attempt something.

One of the meals we enjoy cooking together is Hibachi style food.  I found this recipe HERE a few years ago, and we love it! It is pretty close to the real thing, and now you can buy Yum Yum sauce at your grocery store to make it even more authentic.


If cooking isn’t your thing, and you want something a little more upscale without the work then check out your local grocery store.  Our store, makes excellent sushi, and we can get by with getting enough for under $20.  A lot of times, your grocery store will have meals already put together that requires little to no effort!

I think people forget to have fun on dates, and sometimes that is what is needed.  Plan a scavenger hunt for your person to come home too, before you get your date started.  A simple game of truth or dare, would you rather, or even a drinking game can lighten the mood, and make things fun.

Wine Tasting, Beer Tasting or even coming up with your own cocktail is fun! Not sure where to start?  Check out my post on inexpensive red wines HERE or go to your local grocery store and build a beer sampler.  We have 2 of these Beer Flights for sampling, and we love using it! It also makes the perfect gift too!

If you live in an area to see the stars, then take advantage! My hubby has a truck and we have filled the bed of his truck with blankets, and pillows to check the stars out and see what constellations we can spot.

One of my favorites sites to check out for dating ideas is The Dating Divas.  They have posted a ton of great date night ideas for couples, groups, and every thing in between.  Check them out for some ideas too!



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