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Lash Boost Review

Hi Friends!

A while ago, a friend of mine reached out to try some of the products from Rodan and Fields. You can see my review HERE on their Reverse skin care line.

Since then, I tried the multi function eye cream, and I didn’t see much of a difference. While trying the multi function eye cream, I decided to give lash boost a try and I love it!!

I would not even waste your time getting lash extensions because using lash boost will give you the same results, if not better and they are actually your own lashes!

I really started to noticed a difference around week 3 and then by week 6 and 8 it was amazing how much better my lashes and eye brows looked.

Yep, you can even use it on your eye brows! I had some sparse eye brows along with lashes sparse in some areas and after using lash boost, it made a huge difference.

My friends and hubby even noticed how long my lashes were! The pictures below are after using lash boost and without mascara. If you have sparse eye brows or eye lashes, I highly recommend this product. It is a little pricey, but most of the time a Rodan and Fields consultant offers a promotion.

These pictures are without make up, and shows how thin and sparse my eye brows and eye lashes were.

After using Lash Boost on my eye brows and eye lashes! Crazy the difference!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask my friend Natalie about it. You can check out her page HERE or you can contact her via email –


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