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We asked Wyatt if he wanted a birthday party or a family party with a trip to Legoland, and he chose a family party & Legoland.  He is all about experiences, and he would much rather spend time with family then have a big party.

My hubby had a surprise day off, so we let the boys miss school, and we headed up to Dallas for the day to check out Legoland and Cabelas. There were several rides for the boys to go on, and they loved every one!

Magnolia Grace Legoland

Legoland also had an area to build a race car and then you could race them.  This area was one of Wyatt’s favorites!  How sweet is he, helping his sister up!?!

Magnolia Grace Legoland

There was also a a miniature version of Dallas made of Legos, Lego Ninjago adventure, and a 4D movie that even our littlest one laughed her way through. We all had a great time!

Magnolia Grace Legoland

Our kiddos are 2, 4, and 7 and Legoland had something for each age group.  The toddler area was a big hit with the two year old!


After Legoland, we stopped in at the boys’ favorite store, Cabelas and then headed home afterwards.

Magnolia Grace Blog Legoland


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