Seven. Yep, my oldest turned 7 yesterday.  How is that possible!?! Our Wyatt is so tenderhearted and cares about everyone he interacts with.  He loves his siblings, and encompasses that nurturing role very well.  He stands up for what is right and constantly shows character.  He enjoys playing soccer, building Legos, and spending time with his friends and family.  

We asked Wyatt if he would want a birthday party with friends or a family party, and a special trip.  He loves spending time with his family, and without hesitation he chose a family party.


 The day of his birthday started off with picking up doughnuts for his classmates and then after drop off, I went to Dollar Tree for a few decorations.  Thank you Dollar Tree, because I found Lego Brick plates, napkins, and got some streamers, and balloons.  FYI: Go to Dollar Tree to get those fancy balloons, they are only $1!!

I surprised Wyatt with his favorite, Subway, for lunch and then headed home to decorate.  He came home to find the house decorated, and was beyond excited for his day.  I had to laugh when I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday dinner, he replied with pancakes! So pancakes, it is!

I ordered all of his presents from Amazon and due to the winter weather in Texas, his presents were delayed. Yep! So at 4 pm, all three kiddos and I made a quick trip to Target to get presents.  Now, this momma was prepared with a couple stories in case he saw the presents.  A huge thank you to heavy coats, bubble gum at the checkout line, and our cashier because I managed to get presents, and check out with all the gifts in front of three kiddos without them noticing! Win In My Book!!!


We ate our Pancake dinner, Face Timed family, sang happy birthday and devoured the best looking Lego cupcakes and then opened presents.  He was beyond excited to receive, you guessed it- LEGOS.  He loves Legos, and spends hours building everything and anything! He was even up at 5:30 AM this morning building Legos!

Happy Birthday to our sweet 7 year old!


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