5 Favorite Products from Bath & Body Works

Hi Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping at Bath and Body Works and when their semi-annual sale rolls around, I stock up on all of my favorites.  I wanted to share my Top 5 Favorite Products from Bath and Body Works. 

The candles from Bath Body Works smell so good and I love having them burning in my house when friends come over.  Right now, a selection of candles are at least half off and you can use the coupon of spend $40 get $10 off.  Some of my favorite scents are Winter, Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Eucalyptus.

If your heels are in serious need of TLC then this is what you need.  I put THIS on my heels at night, then socks and head to bed.  I wake up the next morning, and my heels are so much better!

I saw this body scrub a while ago and gave it a chance, and loved it.  Before I shave my legs, I use the body scrub to exfoliate them and my legs are so much smoother.  I will say there is a lot of olive oil on top, so I mix it each time before use.   The Body Scrub is on sale for $6 instead of their usual price of $16!!!!

My absolutely favorite scent to wear is Pearberry.  I am not kidding, when I say every.single.time I wear it, my hubby, friends, and my kids tell me that I smell good.  I don’t even wear perfume because it smells that good! I use both the Pearberry Shower Gel and the Pearberry Lotion and right now, they are under $4!!! Keep in mind though,  the only time you can find it in stores is during their semi-annual sale.  Otherwise, you have to buy online.



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