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Tuesday Talk {1.16.17}


Hi Friends!

Happy Tuesday and if you are in Texas, then I’m sure you are bundled up! We got hit with a winter storm, so we are experiencing chilly temperatures and most places are closed or under a delay.

Erika and Ashley are hosting a link up party and I am linking up for this month’s Tuesday Talk.  Every third Tuesday of the month, you can share about everything and anything!


This past Christmas season, we watched Hallmark Christmas movies non-stop! We even have a few left that we still need to watch.  With all these Christmas movies, it got my hubby and I thinking, if there is a beautiful, scenic Hallmark Christmas movie town out there.


I know most are filmed in Canada, but are there any in the US?!? I ask this, because sooner rather than later, we will have our final forever home, and I think it should be in that Hallmark town.  How cool would that be to have a gorgeous downtown area, horse drawn carriages, fun traditions and events, and not to mention friendly people.

Also, is it too much to ask for a place that doesn’t have a high amount of allergies (specifically, mountain cedar/juniper) and the town isn’t inundated with tons of tourist, so you can’t enjoy anything.


If you live in this type town or know of a place that you visit.  Please let me know! Feel Free to leave a comment, find me on Instagram (Magnoliagraceblog) & send me a DM or email me: jennmagnoliagrace@gmail.com

Have a great week friends!



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