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Book Review {1.11.17}

Happy Thursday Friends!

If you don’t like reading then you might be like this….

BUT, if you do like reading then you might be like this….

Over the holiday, I read two of Holly Martin’s books Christmas at Mistletoe Cove and Christmas at Lilac Cottage.

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove is Holly’s newest book for the holiday season.  It’s heartwarming, cozy and the perfect book to read by the fire.  Now, even though Christmas is over, (Boo!) I think this book is still perfect to read any time.  This book focuses on Eden and Dougie’s relationship, and if you read some of her previous books, she has mentioned Eden and Dougie.

Dougie and Eden are best friends and have known each other since they were kids.  Eden however, has had feelings for Dougie since their younger days and when he finally leaves New York behind to move back home, there is some anticipation on how their relationship will unfold.

This book is such a sweet story and I think most people can relate to having feelings for one person and seeing if it is reciprocated.  It’s still cold out, so cozy up with this sweet book!

Christmas at Lilac Cottage

It’s another Christmas book, but just like Christmas at Mistletoe Cove, I think you could read this now and still love this beautiful story.  Penny is an ice carver and lives up on the hill by herself.  She decides to rent out her attached cottage in hopes of at least making a friend.  Henry and Daisy arrive and while Penny tries to make them feel comfortable, Henry is very guarded and it seems they might not get along.  The story is romantic and dives into their personal lives and what they have gone through.

I love Penny’s character and how she is one of those true beauties that most people don’t notice.  If you are in need of another sweet, romantic, Hallmark-type and some PG-13 stuff added in then curl up by the fire and enjoy!


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