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How We: Do Goals/Resolutions Etc.

It’s the First Wednesday of “How We…” linkup party with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything.

The second Wednesday of each month, these two fabulous bloggers host a link up and talk about how we (fill in the blank).  It is a great way to share and learn new ways to do things. Here are the topics for the year, if you would like to link up too!

Today’s Topic is all about how we do goals/resolutions.

With the new year comes a great time to reflect and decide what goals you would like for the year.

For me, I am continuously making goals throughout the year, but when January comes, I like to start fresh and write down some goals.

I come up with some goals for each part of my life to hopefully make it better in some way.


Get More Sleep. I think all adults can say they always need more sleep. There are some nights we are in bed and asleep by 9 (Hello, New Years Eve).  However, the nights when I stay up past 11, wrecks havoc on me the next morning. I am an early riser and like to have time in the morning to get a few things done.  I’m usually up between 5:30-6 and when I go to sleep past 11, I can tell a difference.  So this year, will be the year of sleep!


When we were in England, we did a lot of hiking through the countryside and it was beautiful and excellent exercise.  This year, I would like to incorporate more hiking, and outdoor activities.  Send me some suggestions for things to try out!


I grew up traveling and I love every aspect of it.  I love discovering a new town, seeing the history, and finding little places to eat that is unique to that area.  Some places that I haven’t been that I would like to visit is to the Northeast (Maine, Vermont, etc), Napa Valley, little towns in Texas (Fredericksburg), and any where across the pond.  We went to England the other year and I would love to go back for a visit.


This past year, my two older children were in school and their younger sister went to Mom’s Day Out 2x a week.  With the opportunity of two kid free days, the hubby and I would meet for lunch and have a day date.  It was great way to reconnect over the busy week and enjoy some us time.  I would love to keep that going this year.


I think as parents, we are constantly learning from our kids.  Mostly, how to be a better person.  Our kids are growing up very quickly, and taking the time to be present and make those moments count with each of them is important.  I try to always remember that they are just beginning their life.

I want them to look back and feel like they had a wonderful childhood and had so many wonderful experiences.

Last year, we went to Colorado over Christmas and our kids at the time were (5, 3 and 1) and our two boys talk non stop about how much fun they had in Colorado.  They had the opportunity to experience ice skating, skiing, sledding, tubing, and so much more. There weren’t any moments of time outs because we truly just enjoyed our selves.

With that said, I don’t want them to remember a possibly special moment being ruined by getting upset if something doesn’t go right.


2 thoughts on “How We: Do Goals/Resolutions Etc.

  1. I definitely need to be more active. I’m not the biggest outdoor activity person, so I can’t really think of anything else besides hiking, etc. Sorry about that! I’ve been to London once and I’d LOVE to go back someday- or really anywhere else in Europe.



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