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Happy 2018!

Hi Friends!!

Wow! 2017 came and before I knew it, the clock struck midnight and it was 2018.  Let’s face it, after a bunch of traveling over the holiday, the hubby was asleep at 8:30 and I was out by 10:30!

We haven’t ever been much for New Years, but I do love what the new year represents and the possibilities and opportunities that come along with it.  This past year, I successfully defended my dissertation and graduated this summer with my Doctorate.  I am beyond excited to have that accomplishment done!

I have also started to putting more time into my blog and Instagram and I have truly loved getting to know everyone out there.  I have met some very sweet people along the way and I have loved all of the insight, feedback, and conversations we have shared.

What has been some of your favorites from 2017?

Oh and since it is Monday, I have a recipe for you too! The hubby and I started a tradition of cooking hibachi style Japanese for New Years Eve.  Since we were traveling we did not get to cook it this year, but when we started this tradition, I found a recipe from Pinterest and we have used it ever since.  It is tried and true and would also make a great date night in for you to try out too!

The recipe for Hibachi style Chicken, Rice and Veggies can be found HERE.

a little throw back to New Years Eve a few years ago!


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