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Workin’ It Wednesdays: Keeping Sane during the Holidays


Happy Wednesday Friends! We are half way through the work week and almost to the weekend!! I walked into Michaels yesterday and I was pretty sad that their Christmas items were almost gone and marked down to 60%.  Can Christmas season be almost over already!?! My hubby has always been no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but this year he agreed that we need to put them up earlier because Christmas season feels like it flies by.

With that said- I am linking up with Mix & Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to talk about Keeping Sane During the Holidays. I can’t wait to read everyone’s great tips and I hope you enjoy my tips too!

Make a List 

This year, I had all of my shopping done by December 10th.  The children’s gifts were bought either on or prior to Black Friday and family gifts etc. were bought by December 10th.  It really helped to make a list of who I needed to buy for and then order most things online.  I had to ship a Christmas present and it was crazy how much it cost to ship! It is more cost efficient to purchase online and let them ship it for you!

Plan It Out 

We planned on attending a Christmas party for adults and then one for our children.  There was another very large Children’s Christmas party that we could attend, but by planning things out, we put that as a possibility.  Sometimes, spending time watch Christmas movies, eating popcorn is way more fun then the craziness of a large party.  I am pretty tight lip on what I tell our children as far as events, because they remember everything and if we don’t go there isn’t stress involved of telling our kids we aren’t going, if plans change.  We always like to make things a surprise for them!


Remember Others

My hubby learned an excellent lesson that we carry on throughout our daily life.  If you are invited to a person’s promotion at work, birthday party, a personal event for a person, even if you don’t really know the person– you should make every effort to go.  It might NOT be important to YOU, but it is important to THAT person that YOU showed up.  I get it, we are all busy — but, what are you doing that makes you so busy, that you can’t show up and be supportive of that person.

The Christmas season, is about other people and sometimes with everything going on people forget the other person.  Remember those people, and show support.  The Christmas season can be hard for many people.  If someone doesn’t have a place to go for Christmas dinner, don’t hesitate and invite the person.



Christmas is all about the experiences and creating those fun traditions.  I love seeing my children wake up each morning as they look for the Elf.  I love that they have wonderful memories of going to Colorado last year for Christmas and everything they got to experience.  I love that we celebrate Jesus’ birth and our children know the reason for the season is not about presents, but about Jesus’ birth and giving to others.  Remember those experiences that you create for your children or friends. Before you start yelling at your children for not listening, take a step back and ask yourself is that the best way to handle it and will it ruin their memory of meeting Santa.

Elf on the Shelf


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