Christmas Fun

When it’s the holidays and you are around family, nothing is more fun than playing games!

We rented a house last year in to Colorado with my parents, sister, brothers, their wives, kids, and a few friends and we had the best time!!

We spent the evenings playing games and our kids still talk about it! I thought I would share some of the games we played, so you could bring some fun to your next family Christmas night.

Nerf Gun Wars!!

Every one brought their own nerf gun, including the kids and we brought so many darts that I’m there are still some in that rental house.  We would team up adults vs. kids, or spilt the kids with adults.  Some rounds we would play, would be to conquer the the third floor with the other team guarding.  We would also have missions to rescue the “hostages.”  We really got into it and had nerf vests and nerf guns hidden around the house to always be prepared.


Head’s UP

We downloaded Ellen’s game “Heads Up” game and that was another hit because you could pick different categories and even the kids were able to play and act things out. We would play guys vs. girls and by the end of it, we were crying from laughing so hard!!!

Fancy Dress

This one isn’t so much as a game as something fun to do.  My sister in law is from England and they have “Fancy Dress,” which isn’t wearing your nicest clothes, but wearing those ugly sweaters, or anything of that nature.  This past year, you had to dress up from a Christmas movie and my hubby nailed it! He won the contest with his several outfit changes throughout the day of his “character.” Can you guess who he is!?!

Shake Your Bells

The kids loved this one! We took two empty Kleenex boxes and tied each one around the waist.  You have a minute to be the first one to knock the jingle bells out of the box by shaking your hips to beat the other person.

Christmas Cookie Down the Forehead

You place an oreo on your forehead and by using your face muscles, you have to move the area down your face and into your mouth.  If it drops off your face, then you have to put it back on your forehead and try again.  All while, racing against each other!

Roll the Ball 

This requires panty hose (2x), Potatoes (2x), and Ball (2x).  You put the potato in one foot of the hose, and tie the other leg around your waist.  You have to use your hips and thrust forward to use the potato to move the ball to the finish line.  You compete against some else and first one to finish, wins.  You can also, add a minute to the clock to make it more difficult.

Find the Nut

Cover a Nut in whip cream and using only your face to find the Nut. First one to find it, wins!


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