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Gift Guide | Jord Wood Watches

Hi Friends! There are a few weeks till Christmas, which means not a lot of time to finish all of your Christmas shopping!!  If you are like me, deciding on the perfect gift for the special ones in our life can be difficult because I want the gift to be something they will cherish, and know a lot of thought was put into it.

My hubby, Jeff is the hardest person to shop for because I want his gift to show him how he is loved and cherished.  With the help of JORD Wood Watches, I am able to give a gift that Jeff will love this Christmas.  JORD’s watches are beautifully, handcrafted wood watches with several different styles to fit every person on your Christmas list.  The craftsmanship shows the piece is timeless, like my love for Jeff.  The styles are classic, sophisticated, and modern.  I have secretly shown the men in my family, and now they all want a JORD Wood Watch.

When the package arrived, I couldn’t wait to open the shipping box.  The smell of real wood from the BEAUTIFUL cedar box, had me jumping for joy because my husband is a manly man and the smell of wood is his favorite scent.  The gorgeous JORD Wood Watch was nestled in the box along with JORD Preserve.  The JORD Preserve is a 100% natural cleaning oil, specially made to care for your watch.

JORD Kosso and Midnight Blue Wood Watch

I can’t wait till Christmas morning for Jeff to open his JORD Wood Watch.  I choose the Conway Series in Kosso and Midnight Blue because of the classic design and chronograph functionality.  The deep blue with a hint of orange detailing on the face is simple, but sophisticated and is perfect for the modern man in your life.  The natural Kosso wood with custom knurling on the bezel and wrist line is beautifully handcrafted.  Another added touch is that Jord offers custom engraving on your watch or the cedar watch box! Not to mention, they also offer a women’s wood watch collection that you will want to check out!

JORD Kosso and Midnight Blue Wood Watch

I know you are super excited to know how you can get your hands on a JORD watch to gift this holiday season!  I am thrilled to have partnered with JORD to share an exclusive 25% discount code for you! To start shopping, click on this link, HERE, and submit your form to instantly receive your code via email!!!  Your code will expire on December, 15th, 2017, so hurry to receive your code!!  I know the special person in your life will love their JORD watch as much as I do!


Wooden Wrist Watch


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