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Tuesday Talk {11.20.17}






Hi Friends,

Once a month, there is a link up with Ashley and Erika, where you can talk about anything you want.  This month, I am talking about “Can You Wear Rain Boots When There is NO Rain?!?”  Be sure to check out their post too!

I have been thinking about this random question for a while and I just don’t know the answer.  I wanted to get your thoughts and see where you lie on wearing rain boots when there is no rain.

If I asked my hubby, he would think I was crazy, but I think if the general consensus is go for it, then I will be rocking those boots!

I own a pair of Red Hunter Rain Boots and I love how they make a statement with the bright color and they keep my feet warm and dry.  I’m not sure since they are bright and glossy if I can pass those off as “boots” when there isn’t rain.  However, I have on my Christmas list to get a pair of the Hunter Green Hunter Rain boots and could maybe wear those throughout the season, with or without rain.

I would love your opinion on this topic.  Leave me a comment, send me a message, or DM me on Instagram (Magnoliagraceblog) and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!!



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