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Thanksgiving Appetizers

Happy Monday Friends!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here!! Life gets crazy as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.  Instead of being stressed out when making food for everyone, follow these tips and use these two appetizers and your party will be stress free and a huge hit!

*Appetizers are great to help people socialize and get in the party mood.

*I always serve some veggies, cheeses, and fruit to ensure even ones with food allergies can enjoy.

*When making a meal with appetizers, a good rule to follow is to make 1 to 2 items and the rest be store bought.  This allows for you to enjoy the party, be a good hostess, and not have to be in the kitchen the entire time.

*I always enjoy having dips because they are easy and warm dips can be in the crockpot.


Cream Cheese Treat 


  1. 1 block of cream cheese, room temperature.
  2. Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (Found near the bbq sauce)
  3. Crackers


  1. Place the cream cheese on a nice plate.
  2. Dump the chipotle sauce over it and serve with crackers

I have also included a few other great appetizers for your Holiday festivities! 


Cranberry Meatballs


 “Man Dip”


Buffalo Chicken Dip


Sausage Balls


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