My Top 5 wines under $13

Hi Friends! I love wine, especially red wine. If you are just venturing into wine, it can be overwhelming with all the different types, especially with Red wine.  Wine is a great Hostess gift when attending all those Holiday parties.  Not to mention, giving it to friends because the holidays with family can be stressful lol! 😉

These are my Top 5 Red Wines that you can find in almost every store and they are all under $10, so bonus!!

Apothic Wines Red Blend – $7.95 – $9.99

This is probably one of my favorite wines because the flavor is always great and it is budget friendly.  It has a great smooth taste and is great for a beginner in wine.  You will find a few hints of mocha, black cherry, and vanilla.  It also pairs well with just about everything.  They also have Apothic Dark, Apothic Crush, and a few other varieties that are good.

Menga’ A Trois’ – Red Blend $7.98 – $9.99

This one is another top choice and like the Apothic Red, has a great smooth flavor.  This is another wine that pairs well with most dishes and you will taste blackberry and raspberry flavors.

Alamos Malbec – $8.99 – $9.99

If you are looking to change up the typical Red Blend, then give this one a try.  Malbec is a type of wine with grapes from Argentina.  This one will have flavors of black cherry, and plum and pairs well grilled meat.

Gnarly Head - AuthenticBlack

Gnarly Head Authentic Black – $8.99 – 9.99

This wine has bold flavors of fruit with a hint dark chocolate.  This wine pairs well with pizza, venison dishes, or steak.


Bogle Vineyards Merlot $8.99 – $9.99

This Merlot is a little darker in flavor, with hints of cherries and plum, but still has a smooth finish. It pairs great with just about everything from pizza to chicken.


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