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Gift Guide {Men.Hunting}

Hi Friends,

Holiday shopping is upon us, and if your spouse, boyfriend, brother or whoever is into hunting, and you have no clue what to buy, this list will help you! When my hubby and I first started dating, it was really hard to figure out a gift that he didn’t already have and that I could surprise him with.  Since then, I have gotten pretty good at surprising him and figuring out gifts for hunting.

Hopefully, this list will help you this Christmas, and surprise that special person.  Since my hubby is an avid hunter, he and I came up with this list that would be helpful when buying a Christmas present.  These items are beneficial to almost every type of hunter and there are items from all different price points too!

These HotHands Hand & Toe Warmers are a great stocking stuffer.  When it is below freezing and they are out there hunting, these will keep them toasty! HotHands Hand Warmers & HotHands Toe Warmers– $6-$10.00

A Binocular Harness is a great thing to have and allows your hunter to keep your binoculars safe and hands free while you carry your gear.
Bushnell Binocular Harness $14.29Hunting is all about the brotherhood and the fun sharing in the experience with others.  This Travel Bar would be excellent to enjoy a drink after you get tag your animal.                                                                                                                                            Duck Camp Travel Bar – $24.99

If you are hunting from a blind sometimes rain will get in and a waterproof backpack would get everything dry without messing up your bag.                      Backwoods Pure Camo Expedition Waterproof Backpack – $68-85

When you are out scouting the area or need to see if the animal is close, these binoculars are great! My hubby has a pair and loves them!  They also come with a lifetime warranty.                                                                                                                         Vortex Optics Binoculars – $229.00

Another great item is the Range Finder.  My hubby has this one and uses it all the time.  It reaches up to 1000 yards and it is rainproof and fog proof.                                                  Vortex Range Finder – $299.00

If you need other suggestions for gifts or have a specific question.  Feel free to leave a comment, email or DM me on Instagram (Magnoliagraceblog) and I will ask my hubby for some help! 



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