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Outdoor Fun

If you Follow Me on Instagram (IG:Magnoliagraceblog), I asked a while back what you wanted to see on the blog.  Using the Poll on Instagram, you wanted to see some Date Ideas with your significant other.

My hubby and I love spending time together and we enjoy taking heart into what each other is interested in.

One of my hubby’s interest is hunting.  He loves everything from watching hunting shows or as I call it, the whisper channel, to being out before the sun comes out.  Now, I am more of a girly girl and enjoy getting up early to go shopping as opposed to hunting.

However, I love seeing his passion and I enjoy taking part in learning something new.  Since we have little ones, it is hard for us to both get to a deer stand, but when we do it is great quality time together.

There is a lot that goes into the process like scouting the area, checking trail cameras, putting up a stand, and putting out a food plot.  We made this a family event and our kids loved and enjoyed the entire process.  They are way better at climbing up to a tree stand then me!Top – Mossy Oak from Walmart | Jeans – Gap | Boots – Old West

Checking out the Tree Stand

             View from the Tree Stand

The Boys climbing up to the Tree Strand

Walking down to the Food Plot

Helping Daddy Lay Out Corn

Even though hunting might be more of a “guy thing,” I have loved learning about it and understanding what all goes into it.  Not to mention, my hubby is more than happy for me to get more camo! I have found some great options at Walmart, like this top, which was perfect for the warmer weather.  Once, it starts to cool off, be on the look out for a post of me wearing warmer camo gear.  I have found great quality items from Cabelas and their OutfitHER line.

Fashion can be seen in everything and being able to bridge hunting and fashion together is fun! I might not know everything about hunting, but at least I can look good! LoL!

Happy Thursday Friends!


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