Show & Tell {10.24.17}

This Tuesday, I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessional for our favorite holiday.  My favorite Holiday, by far is Christmas.  I love how mostly everyone is in a festive mood and their hearts are open to everyone.  I love the decorations and how cozy your home feels and the traditions each family has and continues.

One of our traditions is the kids receive a visit from their Elf (Elf on the Shelf).  I have a big breakfast ready for them when they wake up and they love it! I also give them their Christmas jammies so they can wear them all month long.

If you haven’t heard of Elf on the Shelf, it’s a little Elf and it has a story that goes along with it.  It helps with keeping behavior in check around the season and we have added to it with doing little random acts of kindness each day.

Christmas Eve the kids get a little box of goodies like a small toy, chocolate, and slippers.  We were always allowed to open one gift the night before Christmas.  I have changed up our tradition from my family, and added a little box for them to unwrap.  The container also helps keep things together from the stocking and Christmas gifts the next morning.  
In our family we always read The Night Before Christmas and we watch The Polar Express.  We make Christmas about the memories instead of gifts.  The kids will get a couple of presents, but we work on giving gifts to others and the importance of remembering everyone from people we have lost to people who might not have a family. 
We are big on making memories and experiences for our children then giving presents.  The kids get a few gifts and then we focus on the experience.  Last Christmas, our family drove to Colorado and spent 10 days with my brothers, wives, kids, sister, parents, and friends.  The kids learned how to ski, ice skate, sled, tube, and saw mountains.  Our kids still talk about Colorado and how they want to move there.  

Nerf Gun Wars with the whole family was something we have started doing on occasion. It’s fun for the kids and the adults!

Whether we are at home for the Christmas season or away, we try to make it about the memories because in a few months they won’t care about the toy, but they will remember those fun times.

What is your favorite holiday? What do you do for your Christmas/Holiday traditions?


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