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Book Review {10.19.17}

Happy Thursday Friends!

If you are like me, when the weather starts to get cold, I pull out a book and start reading.

  I discovered this author a while ago, and if you are a fan of Hallmark Movies, then this author is for you! The story lines give you that feel good romance with a little PG-13 side to it.

A few months ago I read, Spring at Blueberry Bay and it did not disappoint!  The book centers around two characters, Bella and Issac as well as some close friends and family.  Bella has recently lost her job and despite barely having any food, she gives food and shelter to Issac, the homeless man.

They have an instant connection, but Bella is guarding her heart and Issac has a deep secret.  The story will keep you on your toes with their story and how it unfolds.  Like Holly’s books read, it’s an utterly perfect feel good story.

The author, Holly Martin is from England so the books have some British lingo in it, which I love!! She also writes stories for the Christmas season and it definitely puts you in the mood.  Her newest book, Christmas at Mistletoe Cove just came out and I know I can’t wait to curl up by the fire with some hot chocolate and read!


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