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Workin’ It Wednesdays: The Cozy Home

The second Wednesday of every month, Shay from Mix and Match Mama as well as Erika from A Little Bit of Everything host a link up party on how you Work It and this month’s topic is all about making a home cozy.

Now cozy is probably one of my favorite words. Something about it just makes you feel warm and well, cozy.

One of the best compliments, I get is when someone walks into our house and they go Wow! Your house smells so good! No kidding, you could smell it from outside, before you open the door!

I always have a scentsy light on with my favorite scent going usually a Fall scent and then candles lit around the house.  I want our home to be relaxing and something about a good smelling house and candles lit just screams cozy.  Not to mention, even if your house isn’t clean it smells clean!

Pillows and throws are another way I make my home cozy.  I love curling up with a blanket on the sofa and snuggling with my kiddos, reading a book or watching TV. We even have throws on all the beds because nothing is better than just a quick snuggle without unmaking the bed!

We love warm drinks, especially coffee so much so that we have a dedicated coffee bar.  When friends come over, they always compliment the coffee bar and how everything is right there.  It really helps friends and family feel cozy and welcomed.

Lighting! During the day, I have the blinds open for natural light, but in the evening we have little table lamps on and almost always my hubby will light a fire whether inside or outside.  He has earned the nickname firemiester because he loves building and tending to a fire.  If he is at work, I’m usually counting down till he is home so he can light one!

I love to read and I have books placed throughout the house.  The Danish have actually mastered cozy and use the term Hygge.  I read this book over Christmas and it gives a scientific approach to the term Hygge and how to achieve it.

Music is another way to make your home feel cozy.  My hubby has the most eclectic music list and has a song for everything.  We love hanging out and listening to music on our porch or inside while we work on things around the house.  We want to get a record player, so we can listen to some older records in the evening.  But in the mean time, we use Pandora station or our iTunes and listen to everything from Texas Country like the Josh Abbott Band, and Aaron Watson to soft music like Michael Bluble’.

How do you make your home cozy?!? What makes you feel cozy!?!


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