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Halloween Play Date 

Halloween is coming up and the other week we hosted a play date with a sweet friend.  I always love play dates because they can be simple as meeting up at a playground or having a friend over and a little activity.

I hosted and provided the food and my friend brought the activity.  It was great since we divided up tasks.

I kept the food simple with breakfast items like muffins, fresh fruit & dip, with orange juice.  Then my friend brought over the items to make Halloween Rice Krispie Treats.  It was a simple activity and the girls LOVED it.

We helped the girls mix in the rice krispie cereal, butter, marshmallow and then we set them in the pans.  My sweet friends brought over different Halloween themed sprinkles & frosting and then the girls went to town decorating.  They loved getting their fingers in the sprinkles and did their fair share of eating them too!

How cute did these turn out?!? They did a great job decorating and it was easy and not a lot to clean up so that is a win in my book! My boys loved coming home from school to a Halloween treat!!

When working with kids, keep things simple and leave room for them to play. Always have a snack and something to drink because kids get thirsty.  Lol the same can be applied when hosting adults 😂

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! We are almost to the weekend!!


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