Skin Care Routine

Prepare yourself for a slightly long post!

I feel like my skin has gone a full 360 degrees over the years.  High School through College, I would get the occasional pimple and I would probably pick it and make it worse.  I was always out in the sun and never wore make up, like not even mascara!

Fast forward to having babies and my skin went crazy! Seriously, my hubby and I both commented on how my skin looked like a high schooler! I went to the dermatologist and was able to get it under control after a while.  By the time our sweet Lucy (Number 3) came along, I had lots of brown spots and that lovely pregnancy mask.

I went to the dermatologist to see what they could do and it would include a $400 cream that may or may not work, laser treatments and no sun.  Well……I don’t know about you, but spending $400 on a cream that may or may not work, plus the cost of laser treatments was just not happening in our budget.

Most of you have heard about Rodan and Fields and a good friend of mine, mentioned it to me.  I took the plunge, since if it didn’t work in 60 days, I could get my money back, so I didn’t have anything to lose.

So SUPER embarrassing showing these pics, but at least my momma’s with pregnancy mask can feel my pain LOL!  These are unedited and no makeup (Scary, I know!)

 I went with the Reverse line and did not start it until after I was done breast feeding.  These pictures are about 3 months of usage and I will continue using it a little longer. I still get 1 tiny pimple a month (gotta love being a girl!)

  I also incorporated the eye cream about a month ago to help with dark under eyes (lack of sleep, yep!), puffiness and firming that area.

Now with all that said, I am not a dermatologist and you know your skin. These are just my personal results and what I have been doing.  I also did not get paid for this.  If you are interested feel free to contact my girl, Natalie through her page Rodan and Fields and talk with your dermatologist.

Hope everyone is having a great hump day!!



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