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Show & Tell Tuesday {9.12.17}

I am linking up with Andrea from for Show & Tell Tuesday. This month is about What’s In Your Bag?  This was such a fun post and it also made me clean my bag out LOL!

I have tried a small purse, but it’s just not happening, so my purse is almost always large.  It’s a battle since I usually can’t find anything, but you better believe I have everything! 

My super cute tote is the Daytripper from Stella & Dot. It expands so it’s great for a day trip, but it’s not too big. The best part is the outside is this woven fabric that is slick so it doesn’t stain easily. 

I try to consolidate everything between my wallet and a zipper pouch. Sometimes it works and sometimes it ends up at the bottom lol!

The wallet is an old Coach and the zipper pouch from Kate Spade. Can you tell I LOVE the color pink!

My zipper pouch always has a small notebook for random thoughts.  Sunscreen stick and hand sanitizer because my boys are always finding dirt #boys 

I also carry lotion and gum and always always a koozie. I usually have two, one for me and one for my hubby.  It’s been our thing that we never leave home without one.  Fun fact- our wedding favors were koozies. 

Sunglasses case and sunglasses that are never designer because they will get lost or broken so I stick with the cheap pairs. These are both from Apricot Lane Peoria πŸ˜€

I also carry my planner (yep, old school) and a snack because at some point, one of the kids will get hungry. 

I keep a diaper bag in the car, but if we go to the zoo, I don’t take it in.  I just throw an extra diaper and wipes in my big bag and we are good to go. 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! 

Jenn @ Magnoliagrace Blog 

IG: Magnoliagraceblog



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