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Valentine’s Day 

Before your skip this post, because your single- read below!! Lol! If your with someone skip about half way down. 

Most single people want nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but that’s no reason not to still have fun.  If your single or your person is away, then have a fun girl’s night. 

One year in college, several of us were single and we had a dinner party. We dressed up, made dinner together, and it was fabulous! 

One year, my hubby and another friend’s hubby was gone. What is a girl to do? Hire a babysitter, go out to a fancy dinner, and then to a Nicholas Sparks movie. We had great time and loved seeing a chick flick without the men groaning 😉

Even if you want to stay home and eat ice cream #noshame but if you want to change it up and do something different with your friends – go for it! 

**Now if you are with someone and your like oh crap what should we do!?!?**

Here are some last minute gift ideas and things to do. 

The Men in your Life:

It is REALLY hard to buy gifts for my hubby because he usually buys what he wants. I have to put some serious thought into them so he’s surprised. 🙄

  • If your guy is a big eBay fan, check his watch list and surprise him with an item from it. 
  • If he drinks alcoholBeer of the month club subscription is a fun gift.  I did a 6 month subscription and the hubby loved getting different beers to try.  You can also get beer flight board and a 6 pack.
  • Check Amazon for related gifts to an area he likes, ex. Hunting. 

Now let’s be real- all guys mostly want is you. Put your high heels on, get dolled up, and be flirty. 

I like to check out Dating Divas for ideas on how to jazz up date night.  They have great ideas for games, theme nights, and even group dates.

On a date night out- we went to dinner and the hubby choose my food and I choose his food. It added mystery to what we would order for each other. Play it safe or order something the person wouldn’t normally order. Lol gotta have some trust in that person 😂

If your running low on your budget &  it’s date night in – then make a meal together.  We love making a pizza together and seeing how it turns out.  Get the Italian music going, dance around,  and have fun!  

Follow up with a scavenger hunt and end it with dessert or even a small gift.  I found this link from Dating Divas of scavenger hunt cards already done for you #easy Be sure to check them out, they have some cute date ideas! 


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