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5 Staples for Winter & Fall

I am linking up with some talented and super sweet ladies from Instagram to bring you the #The5MustHaves that I think we need for the Fall and Winter.  Be sure to Follow me, @magnoliagraceblog @cleveland8284 and @talizat for great fashion and style on Instagram. 

I have worn this outfit at least once, okay probably twice a week during this cold season ๐Ÿ˜ณ. It’s easy, but put together.  Every piece is something you could find at your local clothing store and y’all I’m talking Wal-Mart will have these pieces.  

You know how much I love Target and you can find these pieces there.  I am not kidding you, when I say the employees know me and my kids by name because we are there  #targetismyhappyplace 

Here are my 5 Staple Pieces for this cold season:

  1. Black leggings – I have found THE leggings and I hope they bring them back next year, so I can buy more. 

Leggings – from Target ($10 ๐Ÿ™Œ) 

2. Denim Shirt – This Denim shirt has been one of my favorite finds at Target. I have worn it with a tulle skirt, jeans, leggings, the list goes on. 

3. Cream Cardigan – I love a great, cozy cardigan and this one takes the cake!

4. Riding Boots- Forever ago, I found these beautiful, comfortable riding boots from Banana Republic and they are my tried and true.  I have yet to find a pair that I love just as much.  I do have links for ones similar and budget friendly. 

5. Statement Piece – I love a great statement piece! I feel like it takes what your wearing to the next level.  I’m all about wearing pearls or a beautiful statement Piece with a t-shirt to dress it up! 


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