So…I turned 30….

My 30th birthday was earlier in July and my sweet husband coordinated to have friends and family come in to celebrate.

We planned an 80s party to celebrate with my hubby manning the smoker.  I knew my family and our local friends were coming to celebrate.  But, the big surprise was my hubby sending me to pick up doughnuts and our special friends from Kansas surprised me at the doughnut shop.  Talk about a look of shock!! 

After the fun surprise, we headed back to the house to enjoy the delicious breakfast and then off for some girl time. Lunch at Jason’s Deli and a pedicure was perfect! 

After a couple hours of pampering, we came home and got ready for the 80s party. I had a cake made from a local Baker, Mia’s Creations and y’all it was awesome!! She did such a great job with the 80’s theme and the chocolate truffle flavor was amazing!! 

I love a good themed party, so it was fun seeing everyone dress the part.  Some of the hit costumes were Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing, the cast from Ghostbusters & Caddyshack, and even my sweet niece wore a dress that I had from the 80s!!! One of the best costumes was my mom, who dressed like an 80’s housewife! Too funny!

The decorations were a lot of to put together.  Lots of bright, neon colors made the party complete!!

We had such a fun time Bringin Back the 80s!!! 


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