What’s in my Pool Bag

Living in West Texas means the closest thing to water is either the pool or a lake. My bag is nothing fancy because I’m at the pool and with kids it is bound to get trashed between sunscreen spilling and crackers being smashed. 

My bag is from Wal-Mart for $4.97, it’s cheap and I can throw it out at the end of summer and not shed a tear. 

I always have sunscreen, but with a wiggly toddler I use the spray on kind and the face sunscreen in a tube so I can just glide it on. 

Snacks are a must with the kids.  I usually bring goldfish or animal crackers, granola bars, and water. 

Extra swim diapers and wipes because you know they will have an accident or something needs to be cleaned up.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean up sticky hands from Popsicles and other things. 

A zip pouch for my keys, cards, and lip balm since being out in the sun dries you out.  Stella & Dot has some cute ones and today is the last day for dot dollars!! 

My sunglasse are cheap and from target because I am not allowed to own nice ones. Without fail my kids will find them and put fingerprints or break them or I will lose them. 

Now, I am a fan of Target swimsuits, but I almost always get a swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret because they last. This years color is a gorgeous royal blue, but definitely size up in the bottoms.

I always have a magazine to read like US weekly or a book.  Keep in mind, Thr only time reading gets accomplished is if the kiddos are napping and I have some outside time. Currently, I’m reading The Royal We, but I’m always looking for suggestions!!  

Till next time!

Xoxo- Jenn 


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