Stella & Dot Beauties

If you haven’t checked out Stella & Dot, stop what you are doing and go check out their stuff.  Seriously, this stuff is stylish and great quality.  There are items for everyone’s budget with most items on $50.  The more expensive items are super cute, but I’m not the type to spend $100 on a necklace so the best way would be to host a party and receive the rewards from it to buy the higher end items.

The party I hosted allowed me to get $45 in credit and two half priced items. Score!! Not to mention, right now they are doing dot dollars so if you spend $50, you receive $25 in dot dollars to use in a few weeks. Umm can we get a heck ya!! 

After looking and narrowing down items, I finally decided on these items: Essential Fringe Necklace in Gold,  Havana Pendant necklace, Pavilion Necklace (currently on sale), and Pave Triangle Path Ear Climber in Gold (Hot Season Item).

Essential Fringe Necklace – Now, I don’t typically wear edgy, rocker style clothes, but this necklace is a happy medium. I can dress up a plain black tee and not feel out of my element.  

Havana Pendant – Is versatile with allowing to take away the pieces from 3 to 1.  My eye was drawn to it since its white and looks like a bold summer necklace. I paired it with a maxi dress and can’t wait to wear it with my other summer dresses.

Pavilion Necklace – This necklace is currently on sale! Oh say, what!?!  I saw the necklace online and was like eh, not something I would get. But, a friend of mine was wearing it and after seeing it in person, I needed it!! It’s a great piece for Spring, Summer, and transitioning into Fall. 

Pave Triangle Path Ear Climber – These little numbers are a HOT item!! Sold out once, came back in stock and don’t have a ship date till June 27th.  These beauties are edgy and a new twist on the regular earrings.  These are definitely a summer staple! 

Till next time! 

Xoxo Jenn 


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