Life lately…

Oh my! Talk about life being non stop, crazy.  My sweet hubby started school for his job and in the mix of that- we bought our dream house and moved in about three weeks ago.  We moved to Abilene a year and found a rental, while we searched for a house.  

My hubby wanted land and a view.  I wanted new and a functional place to entertain.  We probably looked at over 60 houses.  The hubby finally got to the point of you know what I want, you go look and let me know when it’s the “one.”  Y’all, I walked in to this house and I knew it was it.  We have the.best.view ever with rolling hills/mountains, depending on who you ask and the view of horses in the front. Squeal!

Now, the hubby had to budge on wanting land, so it sits on an acre instead of the 10 he wanted, but the outdoor fireplace and the views make up for it. 

Can’t wait to post pics and my trying to be like Pinterest house! 

Xoxo – Jenn 


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